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Effective Relief for Work, Sports, Home, or Auto Accident Injuries.

Helping patients find relief and healing from chronic pain, acute pain, or an injury caused by an accident such as a slip & fall or car accident.

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    Meet Our Head Chiropractor

    Dr. Michael Goldin, DC

    Customized, individualized chiropractic treatment plans made to fit your personal needs:

    • Chiropractic adjustments relieve pain and pressure off tight muscles and pinched nerves.
    • Chiropractic therapy for immediate relief from present pain.
    • Message therapy to work out kinks in your neck & spine.
    • Moist heat treatments for deep muscle relaxation.
    • Ice therapy to lessen swelling and pull circulation away from pain.
    • A combination of chiropractic treatments when one isn’t enough.
    • If you need immediate, short-term relief, or regular therapy and maintenance, you’ll find Goldin Chiropractic fully equipped to meet all your needs.

    Injured in an Auto Accident?


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